Rezzifyde - Jonny Rez (MC) & Chative (MC)

The rap duo 'Rezzifyde' consisted of two Okanagan Nation Youth's, Jonny Rez & Chative.

Started in 2002, the group gained notoriety throughout the early 2000's, largely successful in the Vernon and Vancouver area's, performing at Music Festival's and various charity fund raisers, they lent their skills for commanding a crowd and expression through song to many great causes. 

Over the years they released many underground mixtape's, and even founded the still popular "End of the Season" volumes.

Their music reached as far as Germany, Australia, Mexico and the Netherlands within a short time span.

As the flagship hip-hop group of what would become Rezzifyde Empire Records Inc, they gave a helping hand in kick starting many careers, not only in Hip-Hop, but Photography, Videography, Roadies, and Audio Engineers.

Together they started a movement, called Rezzifyde Empire, which in the original line up consisted of 4 Rappers & 2 Singers.

Though the duo has been defunct for several years, the two still release music together, and remain close.

This movement has morphed into Rezzifyde Empire Records Inc. which still hold's the same values as the originators, 
that all artists have the right to showcase their creativity, and they still use their platform to provide just that. Opportunity.


Rezzifyde @ Komasket Music Festival circa 2006 

Rezzifyde @ Komasket Music Festive circa 2006