“A clash between Traditional Okanagan Styles and Contemporary Hip-Hop"– Kristi Patton - Reporter for Penticton Western” - Kristi Patton

— Penticton Western

The drum group is just part of a long list of Okanagan entertainers who will be performing throughout the day, including Shayna Desjarlais, Anona Kampe, The Golden Eagle Band, Sam Mitchell, Floyd Vedan, Aimee Lezard, Warren Hooley, Toni Gallicano George and Russell Podgurny.” - Steve Kidd

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“I had the great pleasure of meeting Sam and viewing the video at the launch. It is truly inspiring to see our new talent emerge and I am convinced that he will become a household name in our communities in the coming years”,said Jean LaRose, CEO of APTN.” - Jean LaRose, CEO of APTN

— Word Of Mouth

“And the Juno goes to Sam Mitchell and John Terbasket. The musical duo aren’t quite there yet but releasing their first music video is a start that was celebrated at the En’owkin Centre last Friday. Sam Mitchell (aka Oral Pleasure) and Terbasket released the single 4 My Natives, along with a video filmed in Penticton and on the Penticton Indian Band. The first single off Mitchell’s album Taste Test, out next month, is a clash of traditional and contemporary styles. Mitchell is a hip hop artist and Terbasket is a powwow singer launching into his first contemporary outing — the pair met at the National Aboriginal Artist Training Program. “That was an experiment of mine, I wasn’t really thinking of that at the time,” said Mitchell of the fusion of the two styles. “I am a producer and that is just what I do. I am a hip hop artist that happens to be native and this song I just pulled by accident from my culture.”...”” - Kristi Patton

— Penticton Western