Jonny Rez aka Mr.O.P. - Owner & Co-Founder of Rezzifyde Empire Records & Co-Founder of BnA Music Group/Rap Artist/Executive Producer

Sam 'Jonny Rez' Mitchell grew up in BC’s Okanagan Valley of the Southern Interior and hails from Vernon, BC.

A member of the Okanagan Indian Band #1 of the Okanagan Nation, he was raised on the rural reservation, as well as in the city of Vernon.

And like many rez kids, traveled on the many roads covering Canada and the Northern United States.

Traveling on the spritual journey, the "Unity Ride" from 1996-2004 each year, he had the chance to meet many great people across both Canada & the Northern US. As well as gather knowledge from each of the people and places that he encountered over the years.

Sam is the co-owner, co-founder and Executive Producer of Rezzifyde Empire Records Inc. and a master lyricist who has been most commonly recognized by his stage name ‘Jonny Rez’, more recently as 'O.P' (Oral Pleasure) but is also known as ‘Jonny Kiss’, ‘Random Rez’.

Sam felt a deep appreciation for the hip-hop world when he was first exposed to it at the age of ten, first as a listener – naturally progressing into a performer by the time he was fifteen (15). The age at which he began writing his own lyrics, hooks and eventually full songs devoting his time and life into his passion. Emerging into the performance and producing and recording part of the music industry and local hip-hop scene for Sam is comparable and as natural to us as it is learning to walk. It just happened and was the most logical next step for him.

Influenced by this and including the added opportunity of a life of travel he began performing at various events, gatherings and get togethers across Canada and bordering states of the USA. He has appeared on numerous short run mix tapes in addition to his own solo album.

Being an independent, underground recording artist and MC since 2001 his name is gaining more recognition and while you can find his fans through out Canada and the United States the momentum is reaching its peak and gaining notoriety.

Over a decades worth of rigorous hip-hop studies in, writing, performance and flow theory.