JK - Powwow Singer/Traditional Singer/RnB Singer/Rap Artist/Co-Founder of BnA Music Group


JK (John Kevin Terbasket) is an independent vocalist, music producer, and powwow singer from the Similkameen Valley in the Okanagan Territory. He comes from a strong traditional family that is successful in various cultural and community-minded ventures. At a young age he was exposed to the world of powwow, owing to various singing groups of the 80’s and 90’s. When he grew old enough, John travelled across North America to sing at various powwows as a part of competing or invited drums. Throughout his travels, he has been to places such as, Hartford, Connecticut, Tucson, Arizona, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Prince George, BC. 
More recently, John has immersed himself in the contemporary music industry and is working with a variety of other artists. With his powerful singing voice and the ability to capture a variety of audiences, John has merged a lifetime of study in the powwow style with what he has learned of the contemporary form. Aided by a talent for writing, he brings a unique point of view to every song he makes. 
John is a graduate of the En’owkin Centre's NAPAT (National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training) Program. He has also studied language and Okanagan Studies, to ground himself in his culture before he ventures out into the world. He hopes that, with a strong background in culture, he will be able to succeed in the music industry.