King Jamez - Owner/Founder/Executive Producer

The one and only Mike Marchand aka ‘King Jamez’ is from Vernon, B.C.

He has been doing music for 10+ years now. He has released countless underground mixtapes and singles, as well as performing in local Nightclubs, Venues, and Parks.

King Jamez is a vocal artist, as well as a producer. In his career he has also become the Founder of Chug Life Entertainment.
Currently he is collaborating with the artist Oral Pleasure on an album, fifteen years in the making.

“Once upon a time there was a guy name Jamez. Little did Jamez know he was to become King and rule the lands of the Hip-Hop Kingdom. King Jamez was a very versatile artist who mastered his gift. 
Taking all the bad in his life - such as poverty, violence neglect, as well as sex, drugs and rock&roll - and turned it into something great. Rap music.

King Jamez has a crew full of homies who share this same gift. They are soldiers ready to fight for the lands of Hip-Hop and take over once and for all”