B'n'A (Brothaz n Arms)

BnA (Brothaz n Arms) is a collective of 3 kings; 3 great minds from different genres & backgrounds. Mr. OP, K9, and JK.

Mr.OP has been in the music industry for over a decade, and in 2008 was looking for a 'New' sound. He was directed in the direction on a singer named JK. JK wasn't sure he was the right fit and suggested another artist, K9.

Working together for two years, they were officially formed in 2010 with the release of Mr.OP's debut album "The Taste Test".

The album featured a song "Lion Tamer", the first song featuring all three artists. After the chemistry of that initial track, the upward spiral began. 

They have finished work on their debut album, and are currently working on a second album. Both unreleased as of today.

It has been 4 years in the making as of 2016. Many songs have been recorded and left on the chopping block. The group is searching for the perfect songs to release to the world on their debut album.

On top of all the work being put in to the album, they have formed an alumni and are lending a major helping hand in Rezzifyde Empire Records. Signing two new acts, and putting in the work needed to record and release those artists' debut albums in 2016.

John "JK" Terbasket is a powwow singer by background, and an R&B Singer/Rap Artist by trade. Traveling across the country each season uplifting the spirits of the people across the nation.

Kelvin "K9" Ternoir is a Rap Artist by trade, having been performing for over a decade, bringing his swagger and charisma to crowds from Illinois to British Columbia. He works with anyone as long as they have a dream & the fighter's spirit to make it a reality.

Sam "Mr.OP aka Jonny Rez" Mitchell is a Rap Artist by background & a Producer by trade. He has been bringing smiles to faces across Canada for over a decade , and has rubbed shoulders with some of the greats of the Westcoast underground scene. Being the head of Rezzifyde Empire Records and having put in work to make it reality for a 10+ years, he has worked with aspiring artists from across all genres.

United as a band of brothers, a family of voices, a single entity of chords, choruses and harmony, I introduce to you. . .

B.n.A - Brothaz N Arms!