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Devyn Destinee (Kayari)

Devyn Destinee - Rock/Pop/RnB Artist

Devyn Destinee (Kayari) is a Rock/Pop/R&B Singer from Vernon, B.C. Canada.

She is working on her debut album, though she has been singing for some time.

Devyn Destinee finds inspiration in many genres of music,
and hopes with this album to do what so many other artists did for her.


She brings a fresh breath of life into an old art form; being hailed as the newest "Hook Queen".

From Country Girl to Fancy Girl, From Voice to Looks, Talent and Dedication, she has it all.
This Okanagan Native is a well-rounded package that can dance, sing and act and is an force to be reckoned with.






Rezzifyde Tracks

Brothaz n Arms

Jonny Rez aka Mr.OP

K9 Tha Chemist


Devyn Destinee

King James

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